At Butterfly Squad, we make the lives of teachers and parents easier by delivering a unique whole-school approach that is the first to combine mental, physical and spiritual health within a fun video animation series that genuinely resonates with children and actively engages them. Our curriculum-based schemes of work for PSHE, PE and spiritual education are designed to transform, coach and empower primary-aged children to become the best version of themselves, whatever that looks like for them.

We all know that physical health and mental wellbeing are interlinked and at Butterfly Squad we help children genuinely understand this. We give them the tools and techniques that they need to make positive decisions about their own lives. Our unique schemes of work require minimal lesson planning and have been developed to meet Ofsted's criteria of PSHE as well as all current government guidelines and principles for mental, physical and spiritual health. 

Designed to also work as standalone solutions depending on your schools individual requirements, the progressive spiral learning of Butterfly Squad is most effective when applied together as one congruent, school wide programme. There is no child that our programme doesn't have a positive impact for and just like we say, no kid gets left behind.